touch screen systems

You already know what touch screens are – either you’re reading this on one right now, or there’s one within arm’s reach of you. Chances are, you already have an idea in the works on a touch screen project. Bring your next touch screen project to life using the right combination of hardware and software technologies.

more engagement

Without the right combination of hardware and software, your touchscreen project will be unresponsive and slow. Which is a great way to p**s customers off. Especially if your solution is for ordering or payment processing. A great touchscreen solution will be an extension of your human team, and provide great service. Talk to White Rabbit about your next project. We have over 20 years combined experience amongst our core team. This means we're old enough to know how to best service your needs. But young enough to not be stuck in our ways, peddling copy-paste solutions!

limitless use cases

White Rabbit source and install free-standing touch screen kiosks, wall-mounted and tabletop touch screens, as well as panel-mount and industrial touch screens.
White Rabbit do not stock hardware. Instead, we'll thoroughly discuss your project with you, and procure the hardware you need. We've built a stable of trusted suppliers with high-quality hardware.
We've worked with organisations of all sizes and can accommodate simple all-in-one hardware solutions right through to custom-fabricated units unlike anything else on the market.