Outdoor LED Display


White Rabbit were tasked to source and install an outdoor LED display for a high-end residential address. The unit needed to perform against harsh direct sunlight, whilst still being weather-resistant and safe to enjoy by the property's pool. The end result is an impressive showstopper piece for this gorgeous property, whose owners enjoy while sitting by the pool with family, catching their team's AFL games. VIdeo is routed to the display from the property's AV cabinet, so this screen is capable of serving up content from streaming apps like Netflix and Apple TV+, as well as Foxtel.


1. Design an LED display solution suitable for the working environment

2. Procure hardware & prep site for installation

3. Installation completed in under 6 hours

4. Commissioning display and connecting to home AV sources

The opportunity

LED displays come in a vast range of technologies, sizes, resolutions and application types. The final product needed to stand up in its working environment, whilst being suitable to the types of content the end client wished to display on the screen. The screen size measures 3.5m x 2m with a pixel pitch of 2.5mm. Sports and movies look fantastic on the high-resolution screen. To withstand pool splashes and inclement weather, not only are the LED modules completely weather-sealed, but custom work was done to ensure a long PCB life-span with a nano-coating technique.

The process

— Source a suitable LED display solution for the project

— Provide infill sketches and renders of the final installation for client sign-off

— Procure safety equipment and scaffolding to facilitate a smooth and safe installation process

— Organise professional installation

— Commission the display for use

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