Interactive Video Wall


[REDACTED] are a research group with a focus on Defence projects.

White Rabbit worked with Touchscreens Melbourne to develop a one-off freestanding interactive video wall.


1. Interactive large-format video wall

2. Frame must be a secure, free-standing solution

3. Video wall processor able to display content at native resolution

4. Computing power to accept up to twelve simultaneous input streams whilst also processing data

The opportunity

The client, [REDACTED], were looking for a solution to enable interactive collaboration between numerous research partners.

Their requirements included processing and visualising data on-machine whilst also being able to augment what is displayed on-screen.

White Rabbit and hardware partner Touchscreens Melbourne, met the opportunity to develop a completely custom solution to meet these unique requirements.

The process

— Develop a large-format interactive solution with multi-touch capability

— Design and fabricate custom black steel freestanding frame to house 12 displays

— Source custom touch frame overlay to enable interactivity

— Build custom 32-core, dual GPU video wall controller capable of driving 12 displays at native resolution of 7680 x 3240

— Install on-site at [REDACTED] in inner Melbourne

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