interactive apps

White Rabbit specialise in building interactive apps for touch screen displays. We’ve built apps for showcasing products. Interactive digital signage. Employee clock-on/off apps. Interactive honour boards for sporting clubs. We’ve even built an HMI UI which interfaces with custom PLCs. Okay, no more acronyms.

built to your exacting requirements

Our interactive app solutions can be applied to a wide range of industries, including retail, industrial, clubs & community spaces, commercial premises, transportation & logistics, airports and more. We use the latest technology and programming techniques to ensure your app is fast, reliable and stable. We’ve all had to use painfully bad apps before. On that note, please, don’t use your website as a touchscreen or kiosk app. Let’s build something fit-for-purpose!

refuse bad ux.

Provide your customers (or your employees) with a seamless experience. We’ll collaborate with you to create a custom, bespoke interactive solution. Our team of expert designers and developers can build an interactive app that meets your needs.
Keep everything on-brand.
We’ll take into account your organisation’s mission, values and brand identity to ensure the solution looks as though you made it all by yourself. Which will make you look good, and probably get you a promotion!*
We work with organisations large and small, with a personalised approach.  We'll support your team every step of the way, through to our stellar after-sales service.

*Promotion not guaranteed.