A post-pandemic world, which has shifted to remote work and expensive airfares. Like it or not, virtual meetings are kind of a thing here on Earth. Our pretty faces, destined to be converted to pixels and broadcast onto a screen. The least White Rabbit can do is to ensure you look amazing on the other end, just as you do in the real world. We cannot, however, ensure you won't be stuck in a Teams call on a Friday arvo here and there.

"can you see my screen?"

Need to up your huddle tech game? Let's collaborate. We've integrated Microsoft Teams/Zoom-certified equipment for rooms of all sizes. We've built mobile units which can be moved around your workplace as the need arises. Investing in high-quality conferencing equipment reduces the occurrence of technical difficulties, which in turn keeps the team happy. As with all our projects, we don't keep inventory on-site, or peddle off-brand tech from overseas. We'll meet with you, physically visit the spaces you have to work with, and pull together a package suited to your premises. Once everything's set up, we offer training on using the new tech. Which will make things a little easier for your team, even if that scheduled meeting goes over by twenty minutes... again.

let's put a pin in thiS

Look even more professional in front of your clients with commercial-quality conferencing equipment. Along with 4K quality cameras and beam-forming microphones, easily connect and share laptop screens to help drive meetings in the right direction.
After a more hands-on collaborative experience? Pair your awesome new setup with an interactive whiteboard, which seamlessly integrates into the meeting. Once the meeting is over, your chicken scratch will automatically be shared with all the participants.
Bridge the gap between remote  and in-office work. Or the gap between your office and the USA. Collaboration technology should be simple to use, dependable, and it should make you look great. We can help with that. Want to explore an idea further? Let's get in touch.